Trevor James

10X Student Flute
Silver-plated, closed hole, offset G

  • Straight head
  • With french case and cover $1,150
  • Straight and curved head

Performers Series Flutes
Open hole, French style pointed key-arms, B-footjoint

  • Privilege – silver-plated headjoint, body and keys
    With solid silver lip plate and riser  $1270  with split e $1,350
  • Chanson VOCE-  Sterling silver headjoint with silver-plated body tube and keys
    $1850         With   Split E   $1930
  • Virtuoso VOCE- Sterling silver headjoint and body tube with silver-plated keys
    $2950             With split e $3030     C# trill $3250    Both $3330

Copper Alloy C Flute    voce head, solid silver lip and riser , split e


Trevor James Alto Flutes
All models have a sterling silver lip plate and riser.

  • Silver-plated Alto: Straight headjoint
  • Silver-plated Alto: Curved headjoint
  • Silver-plated Alto: Both headjoints
  • Copper alloy tubing Mother of Pearl touch pieces: Alto: Straight headjoint
  • Copper alloy tubing: Alto: Both headjoints

Trevor James Bass Flutes
All models have soldered tone holes and sterling silver lip plate and riser.

  • Silver-plated Bass